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Documentation of dance performances, theatre, art seminars, concerts, circus, educational films, interviews and promotional video.

Former clients has been DOCH, Riksteatern, Teater 3, Lidingö stad, Transcultural Centre SLL, Populate film production among others.

Film Projects

The world of Heliconius

- Work in progress

"The world of Heliconius" wants to ask questions about identity, ethnicity and origins in a multicultural and global world. There is a story of a family with roots and origins in several cultures and countries, but also a story of broken relationships.

The film is about being Swedish, a second-generation immigrant, and not looking like a Swede. To have to explain where one comes from, although one is born in Sweden and only has cultural references from Sweden. Above all, it's a family story seen from the child's perspective and a story about how patterns return from one generation to another.

Mandella - mood board work-in-progress

The main character of the documentary is Mandella Bjerking, 30, who is part of an underground street and club culture in Stockholm. A club culture where diversity is the thing and where the individual personal expression in the dance is the strength unlike the commercial hip hop culture.

Mandella does not know if she had lived today unless it was for the dance, with her experiences from a dysfunctional family where the dance was the sanctuary.

She has been dancing street and hip-hop since she was 6 years old and also dancing modern and contemporary dance since her teens. Mandella works with dance both as a choreographer, producer, dancer and dance teacher.

The film will portray three layers, both the dance itself and the vital expression form it is for Mandella, the club culture she lives in, and her personal driving forces in the dance.

We get to follow Mandella one evening at the club where the dance, the music and the meetings through the dance and the music are mixed with Mandella's thoughts through recorded VO texts.

The dance is a way for Mandella to formulate what cannot be worded in words.


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